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Heysea Yachts forms ties with China Cup International Regatta


Inaugurated in 2007, the 10th China Cup International Regatta was held from October 27 -30, 2016 at Daya Bay Shenzhen, China. The China Cup, as the first-ever and only big boat sailing regatta initiated by Chinese, attracts over 100 boats with 1000 sailors from the world wide yachting community, and gains an extensive attention from sailing enthusiasts and international media. It is devoted to continuously promote marine environmental protection, to advocate a low-carbon lifestyle, and to lead a “green” trend among elites and ordinary people in China.



Heysea Yachts, as the most popular brand in mainland China, has always strived to contribute to development of yachting industry and transmission of marine culture and is ready to continue offering more assistance.  Then, the China cup is  an excellent opportunity for Heysea Yachts to continue our commission in a more comprehensive way. In October 2014, Heysea Yachts finally formed ties with China Cup and successfully signed a contract with China cup for a 42M Catamaran project. With a length of 42 meters and a beam of 12 meters, her internal volume is plainly enormous bringing with it a great deal of versatility in the options available to the internal decoration. The hull and superstructure has de-molded smoothly in the shipyard at Jiangmen and ready to be joined together when the modifications from the buyer are finished. The interior materials and design have not been finalized by the buyer yet but this yacht is planned to be completed and delivered in May, 2017. 


42M Catamaran under Construction at Heysea Yachts

Since 2014, Heysea Yachts has displayed at the China cup annually and continuously with the full support of many luxury yachts built by Heysea  that have appeared at this grand event .  The yachts to be seen there were the Asteria 108ft, Heysea 82ft and Zoom 72ft.

In 2016, the President of Heysea Yachts named Allen Leng was invited to give a speech  with the topic around the theme of  “China Embraces the World’s Sailing” at the 8th Asia-Pacific Sailing Culture Development (Dapeng) Forum on October 28, 2016.

In the evening of October 28, 2016,   sailing leaders and enthusiasts from the globe and other celebrities in Shenzhen gathered together at Sailing Spirit Grand Ceremony with Allen Leng, and one of them by invitation, was awarded with “Knight Medal”.

Speech by Allen, President of Heysea Yachts

Allen and professionals with “Knight Medal” at Grand Ceremony


For more information, please go to www.heysea.com  or contact trouble@heysea.com 

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