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The “Heysea Cup” China University Student Yacht Design Award 2016 Winners Unveil


The winners of the 2016 “Heysea Cup” China University Student Yacht Design Awards were announced the afternoon of October 18, 2016 on board the luxurious Asteria 108ft Yacht at the Heysea Shipyard in Xinhui, Jiangmen, China. 


This award was pioneered in China  for the most influential designs in yachting  and was  created and promoted  by Heysea Yachts since  2010.  Its aim is to promote marine culture, plus to encourage and cultivate design talents of yachting industry with continuity, commonwealth and internationalism.


 Asteria 108ft Luxury Yacht by Heysea for Award Ceremony


There are three size categories of this design Award including up to 50ft, 50ft to 80ft, and 80ft and above. For the sake of complete impartiality and fairness, we have adopted the transparent and credible judging procedure and all the judges comprised of:

Mr. Guan Donghao: Respected Head of Guangzhou DWG Approval Center of CCS;

Mr. Ma Xiaodong: Vice President of Heysea Yachts;

Mr. Chen Chaohe: Doctoral Supervisor, Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering Professor, Vice President of College of Civil and Transportation of South China University of Technology;

Mr. Hua Chengchang: Senior Editor of Famous Yachting Magazine;

Mr. Huang Aimin: Experienced Expert of Yachting from Shengrui Boating; 


All of these judges are well experienced  with  profound knowledge in yachting industry. The judge awarded points on the following basis: functionality, practicality, visual appeal, evocative style, innovative and distinctive features of layout design. The Jury selected 5 finalists for each size category among 90 entries from 40 colleges and universities around  the world.



All creative talent result from Finalists have been gathered together  for  this spectacular event on October 17, 2016. The contestants, were not only curious  about   sharing ideas  with  other design teams but also enjoying  the beautiful  scenery. The setting for the event was a nice environment with  abundant culture implications.


All Judges and Contestants Group


During this three-day event, vivid presentation in wording and video format has been demonstrated to everyone  by each team on  the first day, the award ceremony was held on Luxury motoryacht, Asteria 108ft yacht for second  afternoon. Following the contest, tours were held  for everyone to enjoy  the  famous scenery in Jiangmen such as Bird Paradise, the Gudou Hot Spring, etc. for the rest of the time.. 


Award Ceremony for Contestants by CEO, Ms Fang Yuan from Heysea


For  the award ceremony, the most prestigious trophies and certificates have been given to the deserved winners by the witness of Jiangmen Xinhui Government leaders plus   many famous journalists. Special thanks are extended to our invaluable Jiangmen Xinhui government, Judges and journalists for the full support of  this event.  




The following winners list and entries for your review:


Up to 50ft Yacht Category, Gold Prize, “See Breeze”


50ft to 80ft Yacht Category, Gold Prize, “Humming”


80ft and Above Yacht Category, Gold Prize, “JI”


For more information, please go to www.yachtsdesign.com  or contact trouble@heysea.com. Welcome more design teams join with us in the future.

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