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The brokerage cooperation between Flash Ship Sales Service and Heysea Yachts


Flash Ship Sales services is officially appointed as the distributor of Africa by Heysea Yachts recently.

Flash Ship Sales Services is an indigenous private Limited Liability Company incorporated in Nigeria since 2004 and has developed a strategic sales platform for many ships/vessels/yachts buyers and investors who requires their assistance and professional advice to purchase any type of seagoing vessels/yachts and tonnage.

They also offer a full range of services designed to suit the client’s individual needs such as search for required vessels/yachts, marketing of vessels/yachts and charter services, pre-purchase surveys, negotiations and documentation involved in the selling, buying or charter services and after sales service.

The Director of Flash Ship Services, Okey Agu specially came to Dubai and had a terrific face to face meeting with Allen Leng, Chairman of Heysea Yachts at their stand during Dubai International Boat Show at the beginning of March, 2017. Okey said “ I got a lot of positive responses from the local potential clients for the model design, competitive price and excellent quality even I have just stayed at Heysea stand for one and half days. I already forecast a very bright future by joining this team.” Previously, Okey Agu has done wide-ranging investigations of Heysea Yachts by collecting plenty of databases and marketing analysis and said “ We all know that Heysea is the famous superyacht builder in the entire world and also the representative of Made-in-China Yachts.” 



Allen Leng also said “I am looking forward to working with Okey as he has a strong passion on yachting business even I only met him at the show. In my opinion, the Africa Yachting Industry like South Africa is currently very buoyant and especially yachts and catamarans, both sail and power.”


Africa is always tagged as poor and backward country but actually it is not shortage of rich people specially in South Africa which created lots of riches due to petroleum  and diamond industry. According to the recent Richest People in Africa of Forbes, the Billionaires is in abundance. It is reported that the growth of the yachting industry in South African has led the marine sector to become a steady contributor to the countrys economy. Therefore, it is time to develop this emerging marketing.

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